When, if at all, is it okay? Have you done it? What was one obvious re-gift you couldn't believe you got? We're WRAPPING about it all!

I am ALL about re-gifting...with some stipulations, of course.

As someone who has definitely re-gifted before, I go by a few simple rules like it cannot be damaged or used, it cannot be something that was given to you with a lot of sentimental meaning and it can't be something you know that person you are gifting it to would not like.

For me, re-gifting is all about taking a gift someone gave you that you do not particularly love and giving it to someone who you know would appreciate it.

Think of it this way, it is better going to someone who will actually put it to use instead of it just taking up space in your home, never getting used. Obviously, I would NEVER re-gift something that was given to me with a lot of meaning attached to it.

We are talking things like mugs, bath and body wash, lotions, etc...I have re-gifted so many things like lotion/perfume/body wash sets just for the sole reason that I have too much already or just simply do not like the scents.

As far as the question "how would you feel if someone re-gifted something you gave them?" goes, I follow my same "rules." If it was not something sentimental, I have no issue with it!

I really do not think re-gifting is a bad thing. When it comes to gift-giving, on one hand you have to be okay with admitting that sometimes you just miss the mark. On the other hand, you feel good knowing that a gift is not going to waste.

I have a whole bag in my closet of things I feel would make good re-gifts or just in case I need a quick gift for someone and while people may think it is a bit weird but I think re-gifting is a fun sort of game!

All in all, I don't think re-gifting is bad as long as you do still put some thought into it!

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