If You Want To Find Something, Stop Looking For It

Isn't that how the axiom goes?

If you lose something in the house and you can't find it no matter how hard you try, just stop looking for it. And then it will pop up and probably be right in plain sight.

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I didn't lose a food truck.

It's just been elusive. And the one time I chased it down and found it, I got there too late.

Sure I could have signed up for alerts and followed them on Facebook & Instagram, but that would make too much sense and who's got time for that?

Plus have you met me?

How Did You Lose A Food Truck Again?

I didn't lose it. I just didn't do enough to follow them on social media to keep up with their whereabouts.

They BTW are Bangos (food truck). Find them on Instagram @bangosbangosbangos.

I found (stumbled onto) them one Sunday morning on the west side in front of The Brew.

And like a magical unicorn, I haven't seen them since. Until now.

I have happened upon these folks several times on the corner of East Michigan Ave and Homer Street. Right outside Babe's Corner and literally down the street from Moriarty's Pub and Stober's.

Location, location, location.

Tasty treats to go with your adult beverages at a couple of Lansing's premiere neighborhood bars.

You might be asking yourself (or asking me) why all the fuss over a food truck you haven't even had grub from yet?

Local word of mouth and recommendations are worth their weight in gold and I have not heard a bad thing about Bangos. And I haven't really met a food truck that I didn't like yet.

Oh and there's the food.

Avoid the hassle. Follow them on their socials. Peep the post below to know where they'll be the next couple of days. They are still asking you to follow mask protocols and call ahead for the best service.

You might see me standing in line when you come to pick up your food. If I can remember to like and follow them.

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