If you're a resident of East Lansing, or a student taking classes at Michigan State University, chances are, you aren't seeing a ton of food trucks on the streets.

There's An Ordinance To Get More Food Trucks in East Lansing

The streets of East Lansing are constantly full of people, especially during the cooler months of the year, as students flood to the streets.

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Something the students and residents alike aren't going to see a lot of is just a quick place and stop to get some food from a food truck.

A new ordinance is being proposed to allow more food trucks to operate within the city of East Lansing.

You Do Have A Say In This Discussion 

If you love the streets and parks being without food trucks, you can tell the city of East Lansing you're not for this idea. They are actually issuing out a survey that the residents from East Lansing can take, and put some input on. It's your opportunity to either keep the streets clear or see some more food trucks in the area.

There Are Only Three Spots In East Lansing Currently For Food Trucks

East Lansing has some rules in place, only allowing food trucks to operate in certain locations in the bustling college town. That area would be the zoning district, which is B3. 

What Happens If The Ordinance Is Passed?

That's a rather easy and very delicious answer. If this ordinance were to pass, food trucks would be able to serve food in other districts, even so far as parks.

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