The party started literally seconds after the game.

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East Lansing: The good.

Spartans won. We know that. Congrats. Go Green. Go White.

Mel Tucker made HISTORY on Saturday.

Just in his second year in East Lansing, Michigan, Tucker became Michigan State's first-ever football coach to win his first two games against the rival Wolverines – and Tucker won both contests with his squad as underdogs. (footballscoop)

East Lansing: The bad.

We all knew it was coming. I think officials had hoped to kind of curb any real damage a night game would have caused by having the Battle for the Paul Bunyon trophy happen at noon.

Spartans gotta Sparty. Win or lose.

At least the cops were more than ready.

If snatched from the jaws of a fiery death was a picture...

I'd like to take this moment to note the vast number of cell phones that were out taking video of this incident.

People had to know, there was going to be video proof of shenanigans right?

So when you see a video like this...

And you remember that the City of East Lansing said this...

Setting fires in the community is dangerous and places an unnecessary burden on the City’s critical emergency services. Anyone caught setting a fire could face arson charges and/or other charges. If community members see someone starting a fire, they should call 911. (cityofeastlansing)

Finding yourself in videos like this might be a little concerning the day AFTER the AFTERPARTY.

East Lansing: The ugly.

Several couches and mattresses were harmed in the making of this.

Let's hope academic probation and criminal charges are not in your future.

And that mom and dad really don't know how to work that phone or social media very well.

Can you imagine the phone call?

"Helen? Yeah, I just text you a picture I saw on Twitter. Is that your kid sitting on top of the overturned car after the game yesterday?"

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