On May 30, 2021 the Brigadoon Cottage on Mackinac Island caught fire. It caused over $1 million in damage. The home located near the Yacht Club on Main Street is a 120 year old Victorian-era private residence owned by the Stingel Family.

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It was determined by the Mackinac Island Fire Department chief that the chimney failure caused the fire. Chief Jason St. Onge wrote in a news release,

"After interviewing the occupants/owners of the structure and opening up additional walls, it was concluded that the fire started in the walls between the 2nd and 3rd floor from a failure in the chimney from a family fire that had been lit in the first-floor fireplace at about 4 p.m."

The St. Ignace Fire Department and 11 firefighters from Mackinaw City were able to put the fire out after about 5 hours. Some estimates are that 500,000 gallons of water were sprayed on the house.

Google Maps
Google Maps

No one was hurt in the blaze. The owners who purchased the home in 1989 vowed to rebuild. The Stingel Family went on to say that with help from friends, family, contractors and ServePro work began in earnest to rebuild the Brigadoon to make it postcard-perfect again.

Let's take a look at what the notable property looks like now.

Bart Berkshire-TikTok
Bart Berkshire-TikTok

mistermackinac, AKA, Bart Berkshire posted a video to TikTok to display the progress.

Beth Dittmar commented,

"Literally the fastest restoration project in history."

According to Jack Harwell the entire house was gutted down to studs. Engineers and architects got approval from the state to rebuild and are working on it now.

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