"Mom...they're burning couches in Cedar Village again."

"OK honey...did the Spartans win or lose...you know what...nevermind go put on your costume".

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Halloween day the Spartans, against all odds and point spreads, beat the Wolverines in Ann Arbor at the Big House to bring the Paul Bunyan trophy back home to East Lansing.

I was at work watching the game. As soon as it was over I made my way to the grocery store to grab some snacks and supplies to get back home and get off the roads.

The grocery store was packed. The beer and liquor was flying off the shelves.

The victory was great for us all. Spirits lifted. After the Spartans loss last week to Rutgers we really needed this. And to beat our interstate rivals on their home turf when even most Spartans fans thought they'd lose was amazing.

But furniture was going to be set on fire. I could feel it in my bones.

I am a CMU graduate from back in the 90's. I know a thing or two because I've seen a thing or two.

I posted the following yesterday after the game on Facebook and kinda felt bad because stereotypes.

Yeah so now we got a Paul Bunyan trophy to celebrate, a full moon, it's Halloween, and the clocks go back an hour...and folks have been covid crazy and tired of all things masks and politics...Dear Sweet Baby Jesus, I pray healing and protection over all the soon to be burned couches in downtown East Lansing lol...get off the roads now. Tonight is going to be insane in Mid-Michigan.

That guilt soon faded away to reality. Sometimes I hate being right.

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