It was a weekend to remember with the Spartan's big win that most of us celebrated in the Lansing area. Unfortunately, there were some things not to celebrate last Saturday when the Spartans beat Michigan.

Being new to the Lansing area I am confused why anyone would want to set anything on fire, let alone a couch.

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Things did get out of hand in some areas of East Lansing,  Apparently, firefighters were called more than 50 times to fire calls after the Spartans came from behind to beat Michigan according to

East Lansing Police Chief Kim Johnson said the department came into the weekend ready, but things did not go as smoothly as anticipated.

Unfortunately, our peacekeeping efforts had to be shifted to responding to several couch fires in the roadway and large crowds that were blocking streets, which resulted in major safety concerns and traffic issues.


Those who were responsible may be thinking it was a harmless prank and not a big deal but it really was, anytime in my book, first responders are called there is a risk to people's safety.  They may be taking them away from other serious calls.

Here is the deal East Lansing says they will use "the fullest extent of the law" for those folks who have been seen in photos and videos setting fires and doing needless damage to other people’s property.

This is crazy but, East Lansing Police got 349 calls on Saturday, gave out 20 citations, and made 5 arrests.

And wait there are more, 79 EMS calls, 57 fire calls, 20 fire alarm calls, and two elevator rescues between Saturday morning and Sunday morning.

Anyone with info on destructive or illegal behavior, photos, videos, or info please call contact Sgt. Adam Park at (517) 319-6834.

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