This kind of accuracy and precision is usually reserved for sober people.

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However, sober folks aren't usually targeting mailboxes with their car.

Dr. Johnny Fever would be jealous.

There is an episode of WKRP in Cincinnati from back in the day about how Dr. Johnny Fever was doing a sobriety test on the air. It was supposed to show how the drunker he got, the slower and worse his reaction time got.

The problem was the drunker he got, the faster and more accurate he became.

That was a tv show and a sitcom and it was funny.

What happened in Williamston was real life and we can all agree that drinking and driving is never funny.

However, the irony that one drunk driver in one night somehow had the accuracy and managed to take out 50 mailboxes in one incident is not lost on us.

And we're sure he's not going to forget it for a very long time either.

See, what had happened was...

This past Monday night right before 11 pm on a residential street in Williamston, several mailboxes met their untimely demise when a drunk driver took to the street and took out 50 mailboxes.

Police were notified of a reckless driver around 10:50 p.m. on Monday on the south side of the city near Berkshire Drive. Police found the vehicle and the driver who was arrested on multiple charges, including suspicion of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. (WILX)

The good news is no one was injured or killed that was involved in this incident.

The bad news: a lot of property damage was done and the cops want to know if you were a victim of this crime.

If your mailbox was destroyed or damaged, they want to know and want you to come forward with your estimate for the cost of repairs.

They also would love to talk to anyone that may have witnessed the crime(s).

You are encouraged to contact the Williamston Police at (517) 655-4222.

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