We call it junk mail. Real junk mail that arrives in your very real mailbox at your house.

They call it direct mail.

You would think in today's electronic age, they would knock it off and get on the digital bandwagon for this stuff.

Here's why they won't.

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As if spam and junk email weren't enough.

Your email is overloaded daily with spam and junk email. So much so that you've probably got a separate email box for promotional emails. If your settings are right, they should go there automatically. And if you're like me, you get bombarded with electronic spam. At least 10 pieces are my daily average.

So why do they keep on sending me ACTUAL PHYSICAL JUNK MAIL TO MY MAILBOX AT HOME?

Surely this can't be working for them.

Actually, it is and we're looking forward to getting it.

Wait, what?

The statistics will amaze you.

  • 41% of us actually look forward to checking our real, physical mail every day.
  • 58% of that mail we look forward to getting is marketing (junk) mail.
  • On average, we receive 454 pieces of marketing mail per year.
  • On top of that, 92 pieces of nonprofit marketing mail land in the average mailbox as well.
  • 59% of us said we enjoy getting mail from brands about new products.
  • About 42% of us read or scan the direct mail we receive
  • We'll keep it in the house an average of 17 days. (smallbizgenius)

17 days? The longer it's there, we're going to read it if we haven't already. And if we keep seeing it lying there on the table, chances are we're going to act on it.

How long do you keep junk emails? Do you even click on them or open them? Chances are you delete them right away.

You'll keep getting physical junk mail because you keep reading it. You look forward to it.

And they know it.

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