Be aware of another email scam making its way through the greater Lansing area. This time, it's from Vincent Gambino Baker, Attorney at Law.

Attorney, huh, yeah right. Insert an audible eye-roll, here.

Emails from Vincent Gambino Baker, Attorney at Law

First and foremost, if you receive an email like the one pictured below, don't click on anything. It's an absolute scam.

Photo courtesy Kristen Matthews
Photo courtesy Kristen Matthews

I received this email yesterday, and there were so many red flags that told me this was a scam, I almost deleted it right away. However, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show what you want to look for in scam emails and how to avoid falling prey to one.

Avoiding Phishing and Scam Emails

The subject line of the email was the first hint that something was off. It just read, "Notice to Appear in Court". Now, why on Earth, if I was being summoned to appear in court would they send me an email? Whenever I've received any kind of official government document, it's been through the mailbox, not my inbox. First red flag.

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The second red flag came as I began to read the body of the email. Now, I'm no English teacher, but the letter seemed to be grammatically incorrect. Right off the bat, the first line reads, "Hereby you are notified". Shouldn't it say, "You are hereby notified"? Red Flag number two. Not to mention that there are randomly capitalized words throughout the rest of the letter.

Finally, the email doesn't provide any actual information, like why you're being summoned or what court you're being summoned to. In fact, it doesn't even give you a date or time to appear! It just tries its best to scare you into clicking a (probably very unsafe) link.

All in all, when you get emails like this that sound kinda fishy, it's probably because they are. Stay safe, and before you click on anything, just do a quick Google search.

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