I don't know what it is about having my food served to me from the side window of a truck....but I LOVE it. I'm never more willing to try new and creative cuisine. Of course, trying to eat that cuisine without spilling it all over myself while I'm standing on a sidewalk is something I'm still working on...but that's beside the point.

Tourist couple buying pasta from food truck at outdoor market

People LOVE food trucks! There's no doubt about it. And thanks to WorkWise we have a list of the most popular food trucks in America. That is - these are the most searched types of food trucks by state.

Barbeque Pulled Pork Sandwich with BBQ Sauce and Fries

Overwhelmingly, it looks like Americans love their Barbeque because it was the most popular search in Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia, North AND South Carolina, Texas, Ohio and New Mexico among others. In previous years, Mexican food trucks held the title as the most searched but now they're at the bottom of the list.

Matt Bachrach

Coming in as the second most searched thanks to Nebraska, North Dakota and Montana among others - Comfort food trucks. I'm honestly surprised this wasn't at the top since 2020 has been a very 'eat my feelings' type of year. At least for me 


I'm sorry to say that Iowa has my heart in this. Their most popular search was for dessert food trucks which, in my opinion, I don't see enough of. #chocoholic

soul food - collard greens, smoked chicken and fried green tomatoes

And, at last, Michigan! Michigan's most searched type of food truck is Soul Food. . It may not be dessert but you won't catch me complaining while devouring a plate full of this goodness.

While this list may point out the most popular food truck searches, I think I'll need to do some 'research' to see which one is actually the best. You know...for science.

You can see the full list of most popular food trucks here.

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