While we continue to gather votes as to who the Best Food Trucks are in Southwest, Michigan, it's hard to argue that the efforts put forth by 8-year-old Hadley Guinn of Ferndale, MI may make her the next big food truck star. After cooking and baking for quite some time, she's on a mission to become one of the youngest food truck owners ever. In an interview her and her mother had with WXYZ, she explained how she got started in the cooking world:

I wanted to be a singer originally, but I started cooking with my mom and watching some cooking shows and then I wanted to be a chef. I want to be one of the youngest girls to own a food truck.

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On her way to obtaining her $20,000 goal, she's been selling her rainbow rolls at $10 a roll on her company page, and is hoping to eventually open her very own food truck named, "Sweet Tea Café," after her nickname of "Sweet Tea."  So far she's made the rainbow rolls, along with apple butter, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie. Although she's been sticking with most desserts, she has experience cooking other foods, as her mom, Beth Guinn, elaborated:

She's made chicken parmesan, she's baked whole cakes, she's done lasagnas, she's done steaks, she's done burgers. It's amazing what all she can do. So, she surprises me every day, honestly.

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