Summer is when the people of Michigan THRIVE! We are glowing, we are happy, some may be rocking a sunburn but we are out to live our best lives.

With all the gorgeous lakes, beaches and endless possibilities for some "fun in the sun" though, comes some extra things we have to do to make sure we keep our skin, hair and, let's be honest here, our livers healthy.

Today, we are going to focus on hair because I recently got mine done to brighten up my blonde and my hairstylist told me something I could not believe!

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Caring For Blonde Hair, Specifically

I've been blonde my whole life but I prefer it to be a lot lighter than it naturally is so I do get it bleached every so often and, my fellow blondies out there know this all too well, the upkeep is a full-time job.

There's the purple shampoo, there's hair masks and then in the summer there is worrying about pool water turning it green and that's what I asked my hairstylist about.

One summer my (blonde) sister's hair started turning green and she used ketchup as a mask once. It seemed gross but it worked! However, my hair stylist actually suggested making a paste out of lemonade-flavored Kool Aid and water. Of course, you can't do those things all the time as they are acidic and will strip your hair.

However, there are some things you can do to consistently take care of your hair or take preventative measures no matter your hair type, color, condition, style, etc...

Summer Hair Care "Hacks"

10 Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy Through A Michigan Summer

In the summer our hair gets exposed to a lot of things that can be super damaging. Here's how to make sure your hair is protected, happy and healthy throughout the sunniest season.

Lake Hair Don't Care

So this summer, AKA "Hot Girl Summer", follow some of these hair care tips to have the best hair on the beach! Whether you are laying in the sun on the shores of Lake Michigan or pontooning on one of the many inland lakes in your area, take care of that hair!

I know lake water does WONDERS for my hair in the summer and it's really the only time of year I let it flow in its naturally, wavy way and it's my favorite. Now I can feel good knowing I am doing everything I can to keep it happy and healthy and I hope you do too!

What are some of your summer hair hacks?

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