We know there was all that debate over if "side parts are out" or not. However, as more and more of us make the move to some forehead fringe, we need to make sure we are ready for how much effort really goes into them.

First, Finding The Right Style

Let me be the first to say, I have tried and failed to pull off bangs many, many times. Despite those failures, I always go back because I think "this time will be different."

While I love the blunt, luscious style of bangs à la Zooey Deschanel, I also just have too round of a face to pull them off and I look 12 years old again; however, that was always the picture I showed to stylists and I was too shy to tell them when I thought they should stop.

Recently, I decided to give it another go with a more thin, longer, more fringed style and FINALLY love them!

Whether you are getting trendy curtain bangs, straight fringe bangs, a cute side sweep or anything in-between, DO YOUR RESEARCH and do not stop scrolling Pinterest or Google Images or Instagram until you find exactly what you want and really try to picture yourself with it.

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The Work After The Cut

Don't we all wish we could get our hair to look exactly like it did when we left the salon with the same ease it seemed to take our stylists?

Sadly, we are not all that skilled and it really is a lot of trial-and-error...especially with bangs. Also, with so many products and tools at our disposal, it can feel like we are wasting so much time and money finding the right ones for our bangs.

However, what worked for "that one girl on TikTok" may not work for you. We all have unique hair, unique textures and more that make our hair care really specific to us.

For example, I can get my curling iron and some 10-in-one hair perfecter spay get my bangs situated the way I want; Meanwhile, my friend can only get a hair straightener and hairspray for hers.

Once you think you have found the right product and/or the right technique, play with it and keep practicing!

Then There's The Upkeep...

Bangs, because they are the parts of our hair closest to our eyes, are the most noticeable when they start to grow out.

Trust me, having bangs that fall straight across my forehead, getting my hairs tangled in my eyelashes is not fun...but DO NOT CUT THEM YOURSELF!

It's totally tempting and is definitely easier than going all the way back to the stylist for a quick bang-up but more often than not, you will end up disappointed.

Go back for regular trims, especially if you are trying to get the rest of your hair to grow too! Plus, your stylist can keep giving you tips and tricks on other ways to style and keep up with them.

Having bangs is all about how to have them and rock them when you want but also keep it versatile! That's where so much of the fun is.

As they grow out, try different ways of styling them that can still compliment your face but also are still functional.

All in all, yes, there are no guarantees when you take the leap to the bang-side but if you are thinking about it, just be ready and willing to challenge yourself. It's a time commitment that will definitely add a few extra minutes to your hair routine but it is absolutely worth it...and if it's not? It's just hair, it'll grow back!

Keep calm and keep bangin' babes!

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