Everyone's got their thing. Their order and their favorite coffee spot.

My least favorite is the one that rhymes with Bar Clucks. If you love them or work there, God bless you and to each their own.

I'm a local guy and I love Biggby.

Biggby Brew. Tall. French Roast or Mocha Java. Extra shot of espresso. Sugar free Caramel & Sugar free Chocolate. Splash of Oat Milk. That's my order.

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I can have that one hot or cold. Any day and any time.

And I usually get it here.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

My Biggby is at the corner of Jolly and Dunckel.

Right around the corner from my house and where I work.

Coffee and convenience are a big thing. When you're on your way into work (late or not) you need your java fix and you need it NOW (or as my mom's pastor down south says "quicker than now").

This past weekend, I had to stop by the Meijer in South Lansing on Pennsylvania. Behind their gas station and kind of kitty corner to the Culver's, I saw this.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

Biggby drive-thru coffee shop? And according to my good buddy David Andrews from WILX, it's drive thru AND walk up too?!?

This isn't a new concept for Biggby. They have these types of drive thru coffee shops all over Central and Mid-Michigan.

Here's hoping they are super fast so they don't get a buildup of cars in the line.

They already have enough of that going on across the parking lot at Culver's.

Signs say coming soon but we don't have a definitive date yet. Hopefully before the end of August.

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