Recently, there was a survey that came out and disappointingly dubbed Michigan one of the LEAST caffeinated states. Now, this did not sit well with me so I wrote about how the survey was wrong and had the "experts" behind the survey looked into coffee shops around Michigan, they would understand why our coffee culture here in the Mitten is the best.

One of those coffee shops that makes the various cities around Michigan like Jackson is Vito's Espresso.

Vito's Espresso caught my eye when I moved back to Jackson from living in Grand Rapids and was driving down Wildwood Ave. I followed them on Instagram and fell in love with their friendliness, and the fact that owner, Vic Schiro would do the weather every day and end each video with "Be Someone's Sunshine."

Something else that is special about Vito's Espresso is that they are a "third wave" coffee shop and are the first of its kind here in Jackson.

"My son and daughter-in-law live here. Another reason, Jackson never had a third wave coffee shop until we came," Schiro and his wife Linda shared with FOX 47 News, "Third wave coffee shop by definition has a lot to do with relationship simply put. The relationship between the farmer and the roaster and the roaster and the coffee shop."

Looking more in-depth, Perfect Daily Grind says the key factors of "Third-Wave Coffee" are:

  • Better coffee quality
  • More direct trade
  • Emphasis on sustainability
  • Innovative brew methods
  • Customer service & relationships

Now, Vito's Espresso has moved locations to Sky Professional Suites, 300 W. Washington Ave, in downtown Jackson and FOX 47 reports they have been operating there for several weeks but the Jackson Chamber of Commerce helped them celebrate with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on April 15th.


"I wanted a relationship with not only the people behind the counter but the people in front of the counter. Jackson has been a very warm and welcoming place," Schiro told FOX 47.

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