Java fanatics, prepare your tastebuds to try some new caffeinated offerings!

The Lansing State Journal reports that a new coffee shop, Etta's Coffee House, will soon open its doors in Downtown Lansing. Mmmm, we can just smell the freshly brewed coffee now.

When is it opening and where will Etta's Coffee House be?

Owner Coen McGarity hopes to open his new coffee house in November sometime before Thanksgiving. There are just a few last steps, like getting some equipment and having last inspections, that need to be finished up before Etta's can start serving up a hot cuppa joe.

When Etta's opens its doors, we'll be able to find them on North Cedar, right next to Lansing Brewing Company, in the old vacuum shop. You won't be able to miss it; the building has a brand new look. The building that was once completely covered in graffiti is now a sleek all-black with white writing, designating it as the place to get your morning coffee fix.

Here's an old look at the building before it got its new paint job.

Photo courtesy Google maps streetview
Photo courtesy Google maps streetview
Photo courtesy Google maps streetview

What can we expect from Etta's menu?

When it comes to the menu, Etta's will have you covered on all your caffeine needs, whether you prefer a more basic brew or a specialty drink. But, they've got you covered with other offerings as well. McGarity says Etta's will serve up raw juices, pastries, and avocado toast alongside their coffee. Plus, McGarity "hopes to add sandwiches and other items to its offerings in the future."

I absolutely love coffee, so I can't wait until I can give Etta's a try. Plus, the story and namesake behind the little coffee shop is a good one too; it's all about McGarity and the relationship he had with his grandmother. Grandma Etta would sit down with McGarity, her sipping on coffee and him a hot chocolate, and she would just listen to "whatever was on his mind." She gave great advice too, saying "Being yourself is the golden ticket because there's no one like yourself." That's some great advice if I've ever heard it. Be sure to look out for a picture of Grandma Etta on the wall when the coffee house opens soon.

In the meantime, there are still lots of great places in Lansing to get your caffeine fix. Find out where in the gallery below.

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