Clearly they did not ask the right people for this survey because Michigan's coffee culture is unmatched by any other.

Now we all know caffeine is one of the most important parts of what keeps us going here in America...sometimes it's really the only thing keeping us going.

That's why Zippia decided to figure out which of the 50 states is the most and least caffeinated.

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Sadly, Michigan didn't even crack the top 10 of "most caffeinated" however, we did rank in the top 10 of the "least." That's right, shockingly, we are the 10th least-caffeinated.

Turns out, the most caffeinated state is actually Vermont.

How Zippia was able to determine all of this is by looking, simply at these three things:

1. The average cups of coffee drank daily in each state
2. Percent of residents who drink soda/sugary juices daily
3. Google searches for “coffee near me”

I know I'm biased but I am a coffee snob, coffee addict, whatever you want to call it but that just means I am a true Michigan coffee connoisseur and I think there is a lot more they could have looked at to find that Michigan belongs in that "most" category.

Everywhere you go in our state from small towns to bigger cities are packed with independent coffee shops that each have their own unique personalities and vibes.

I remember when I first came to Lansing I wanted to check out the local coffee scene and it is among the best I have ever experienced. Of course, too, one of the best and consistently growing coffee franchises, Biggby Coffee got its start right here in Michigan's Capital City!

So let's all raise a cup of coffee to the best state for coffee that we are lucky enough to call home!

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However, too much caffeine can be dangerous:

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