It looked like it had to end some time and this week ended our run of gas prices going down. While prices are up 8 cents from this time last week, gas prices in Michigan remain about 20 cents cheaper than the national averager. According to MLive, the national average is at $2.07 per gallon as of Jan. 8.

This 8 cent increase is the first time that gas gone up this much since October. Also according to MLive, using GasBuddy, Michigan gas is the 20th cheapest out of 50 states in America. So definitely we need to enjoy these prices before it goes back up again. Most stations in the Lansing-Area are averaging $2.07 a gallon with some of the chapest gas found outside of Lansing. Some stations in Roseville, Brownstown, Riverview and Southgate are reporting $1.72 per gallon.

You can see m ore about and when this run of cheap gas might end here. 

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