Gas prices have been wickedly high lately, and you're going to want to save every cent you can, especially with everything else seeming to go up in price as well. Prices in Michigan have gone down a few cents, but every dollar counts.

Those in Macomb County saw some prices dip as low as $3.04 over the weekend, while the average around the state was roughly $3.23 a gallon.

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“The drop in crude prices early last week helped pump prices stabilize,” Spoksperson for AAA-The Auto Club group, Adrienne Woodland, said. “With crude returning to above $70 per barrel, drivers can expect gas prices to remain above $3 per gallon throughout the summer.”

As the quote says above. $3 per gallon are going to be the average for Michigan for the remainder of the summer. Michigan doesn't have the highest gas prices in the country though. California has the most, currently sitting at $4.32 a gallon.

So what apps can you utilize to avoid draining your pockets? You may even have a few of the apps we found on your phone already, and you may not even know about it.

I've compiled a list of apps to help you get through these expensive traveling times.

What Apps Can Help Find The Cheapest Gas Around

Everyone likes saving a few bucks at the pump. Here are the apps that can help do just that.

There are definitely more apps than that out there that you could use to save some money this summer, but these are just a few that you may have downloaded to save some space on your phone.

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