It's been almost 7 years since Michigan has seen gas prices this high. Over this past weekend, we saw an increase of roughly 15 cents in our gas prices.

The photo below was taken at the Sunoco station off of the highway right by our radio stations here in Lansing. We didn't photoshop those prices either. Gas is right around $3.20 right now. While the gas station does offer a lower discount with a car wash, the $3.21 is what you'd be paying without the wash.

PC: Jessica Gibbons TSM Lansing
PC: Jessica Gibbons TSM Lansing

On average, you could be spending just about $47 right now just to fill up a 15-gallon tank of gas. This is an $8 increase from last January, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Flint, Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, and even Lansing have some of the highest gas prices in the area. Those areas all currently sit near $3.20 for gas.

“Higher crude oil prices coupled with tightening gas supplies in the Midwest helped push the Michigan state average to the highest since October of 2014,” AAA Auto Club Group spokesperson, Adrienne Woodland said. “If domestic crude prices remain high, motorists will likely continue to see pump prices fluctuate through the end of the month.”

An increase in demand a decrease in supply is to partly blame for the prices at the time. With pandemic restrictions loosening, people will also begin traveling more, making the demand also go up. The crude oil supply has also decreased.

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Although most companies are attempting to go green, and meet the current demand for crude oil, it is a possibility to see more oil rigs appear for crude oil, according to The U.S. Energy Information Administration.

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