It might just be fate that these tours are happening at the spookiest time of the year. Or maybe it is just a long-standing tradition in the Detroit area. You have your chance to tour Detroit cemeteries this fall.

Recently announced, Preservation Detroit will be restarting their walking tours of some of the beautiful Michigan cemeteries have that Detroit has to offer, as crazy as that might sound. These tours were regular until last year due to COVID-19.

So, why should I be interested in these tours?

I'm glad you asked!

Detroit is home to many historic names and figures. These tours offer chances for you to visit the burials of veterans from every war since the revolutionary one. On top of that, you can also see the final resting place of Aretha Franklin and Rosa Parks.

Where are the tours going to be held?

Tours began this past Saturday, at the Mt. Elliot Cemetery. Until the end of this month, tours will be conducted at other cemeteries such as Woodlawn, Elmwood, as well as a repeat of the Mt. Elliot Cemetery.

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What are the costs for these tours?

Tours start at about $20 for members of Preservation Detroit and just an additional $5 for those who are not members of the group. So, for non-members, you'd just be paying $25 for a tour.


How do I get my hands on these tickets?

You're probably dying to get in on this action, right? You can purchase your tickets here, and see which cemetery tours will be conducted this weekend.

Those who are fans of the annual Theater Tours in Detroit, those tours are expected to resume as soon as next year.

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