Yes there is actually something kinds strange and spooky going on Mars right now as a large cloud of smoke has been spotted. The large cloud was spotted by a European ship that has been orbiting Mars for the last month now, which you can see here from And this plume of smoke has to be pretty big if it was spotted from hundreds of thousands of miles away.

The large smoke cloud has been hanging over a mountain called Arsia Mons near Mars' equator. What's strange about this is that the cloud isn't being produced by a volcano, as there is no volcano scientists believe that have been active for millions of years. Also this isn't the first time this year that a space craft has spotted smoke coming out of Mars, as it has been seen two other times this year near where Arsia Mons Mountain is. So what is happening then?.....

Well according to and scientists, they believe that the cloud is full of water ice, created by air flow along the side of the volcano. The clouds on Mars also change during the day, so that can also be for the large clouds of smoke that move around the planet.

Its kinda of creepy but also kind of cool especially if you really like Mars or weird things that happen in Space. Anyway the full story is here.



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