Dr. Anthony Fauci has developed this beautiful thing in America called credibility. What that means to me is, what he has said has proven to come true time and time again. Even if the forecast isn't as rosy as some would like. He has been called a fear monger and politicized but if you can listen with your own ears, he makes a hell of a lot of sense.

The Super Bowl was that last thing we all really did together but the good doctor is asking you to NOT go to the big Super Bowl party on Sunday night. With more contagious variants now present in Michigan, NOW ISN'T THE TIME FOR PARTIES. It's likely you could pass the virus on to everyone at the big party and not even know it. Click here to see the full story.

Like the holidays, we are sure to see a spike unless people just watch the game with people within their household.

America just reached a virus milestone: There are now more vaccinated people than REPORTED cases of the virus. (I believe MILLIONS have had it)

But before you do your touchdown dance and celebrate, it's important to remember: 100 thousand Americans have died from COVID since this new year started. Click here to see that. Or all the virus numbers from Johns Hopkin's here.

If you GOTTA go, wear 2 masks... I'll be watching the game with my high risk family in our jammies at home, without masks.

The Chiefs WILL cover the spread. The game really isn't worth losing anyone.

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