Man, scammers look for ANY way to either get personal information or just flat out have you give them cash. It amazes me how hard they work to find ways to adapt to take your stuff.  The new way, by calling you to take a survey on your COVID-19 vaccine.

WZZM reports that Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is sounding the alarm to anyone getting or thinking about getting the COVID-19 vaccine, there is a scam where people ask you to take a survey in exchange for cash or prizes.  It's not legit.

As AG Nessel told WZZM,

“Scammers continue to find ways to steal personal information and although many who have received the COVID vaccine have a sense of pride, it is crucial that people avoid sharing their vaccination cards for this exact reason.”

Nessel's warning actually comes from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the FBI along with other government agencies both federal and at the state level that have been receiving complaints from people saying their receiving calls, texts, and emails regarding a survey that then promises some kind of reward, according to WZZM.

Here's the big red flag, they then ask for credit card information so you can cover the shipping and handling of your "prize" for getting the COVID-19 vaccine. It's not really a reward or prize if you're paying for it to be sent. Kind of like when you buy something "As Seen on TV" and they say buy one, get a second one free just pay for shipping, and then you pay about the same price for shipping and handling as the product costs - you're really just paying for the second item. I digress.

WZZM posted a few tips from the Intellectual Property Rights Center to help keep you from getting scammed:

  • No post-vaccine surveys are being conducted by Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson.

  • Any emails or text messages that purport to be sent on behalf of these companies seeking personal financial information are illegitimate and fraudulent as these companies would never request an advanced payment for shipping or other expenses.

  • DO NOT open any messages or click on any links or attachments.

  • NEVER give out bank account, credit card, or personal information.

If you are contacted by scammers or maybe you've already had a run-in with them you can file a complaint with Michigan's Attorney General's office online or on the phone at 877-765-8388.


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