We are so not out of the woods yet with COVID19 cases. I was starting to feel good about how the pandemic about a month ago and now I am starting to worry a bit again.  New COVID19 cases rose to about 27,000 per day over the past week or so. A lot of folks that were on the fence about getting vaccinated are now getting theirs. Good thing too, because experts are warning that areas with many unvaccinated people could lead to another surge in cases.

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Help Is On The Way

Well, if you or someone you know is still struggling with catching up from the pandemic, especially with their Mortgage.  Fox47news.com says help is on the way for Ingham County homeowners thanks to a new program that will help folks keep their houses.

The program is called the Ingham County Emergency Mortgage and Utility Assistance Program. How much you ask?  About $1 million has been set aside to help out homeowners who have been really hurt financially due to the pandemic.

There are homeowners across Ingham County who may have lost their job, saw a reduction of hours, or maybe they got COVID themselves or somebody else in their household. So those hardship make those monthly payments harder and harder to pay,said Capital Area Housing Partnership Executive Director Rawley Van Fossen.


How to Get Help With Your Mortgage Payments

So if you qualify The grant program can help you with up to 12 months of mortgage and utility payments. This is great news for some in Ingham County. They are starting this program this week, to apply for this assistance program you can go into the Capital Area Housing Partnership office at Maple and Pine streets in Lansing to pick up an application.  Let's do all we can to keep us all safe and hopefully, the normalcy of life will be back fully soon.

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