Two things.

One: You totally have a chance to win tickets to see Kanye in Chicago this Thursday at Soldier Field.


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This is the frenzied, confusion filled, genius insanity that can only be described in two words.

Kanye West.

The Kanye Experience, The Donda Experience: You need to experience it.

The drama surrounding the new album is either peak insanity or JUST WHAT KANYE WANTS you to think it is. He's a master of this little game.

Kanye West doesn’t do normal, especially when it comes to releasing albums. Only three of Kanye’s 10 solo LPs—counting the upcoming Donda albumhave arrived on their original release date. He’s left fans hanging at midnight, punching their keyboards for being foolish enough to believe Kanye “this time.”

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The delays, the listening parties in Atlanta. Him living at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta. And now, other venues?

What we don't have is a release date for the album. And in all honesty if we did, would you believe it? Not likely. Kanye's gonna Kanye. So we wait.

But what we do know is THIS.

Def Jam
Def Jam

This comes from our friends at Def Jam. And also, you can check Ticketmaster to see that this is indeed happening.

Kanye West Presents: The Donda Album Experience

Just like in Atlanta but Chicago is Kanye's home. And who knows WHAT he'll do during or who'll show up.


Is it last minute? Absolutely.

This show just got announced Friday and it's going to happen at Soldier Field in Chicago less than a week later.

Tickets for this event START at around $200. Because people want to see and hear WHAT KANYE IS GOING TO DO NEXT!

It's last minute, It's insane, and you should absolutely go and be a part of it.

We've got a link below but this is an APP EXCLUSIVE ONLY contest.

Download the free 97.5 Now FM app to enter and win.

We'll try to let you know Tuesday night Wednesday morning if you've won.

We'll get you your digital tickets asap (if you're a winner) and you could be on your way to experience the insane genius of Kanye at Soldier Field for "The Donda Experience".

Good luck.

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