COVID-19 is still a thing. It didn't go away, and because of July 4th celebrations there could be more cases soon. If you happened to be at a large gathering on July 4th weekend you may be getting a call from an unknown number and state health officials say you should pick it up.

According to WLNS, calling on the phone is one of the ways that health officials are getting in contact with people that may have had contact with COVID-19. Some health officials are getting voicemail mailboxes that are full, which is the only way they are contacting people now. This is troubling as contacting people that may have had contact with COVID-19 is one of the biggest ways to trace where the virus may be.

We all get lots of spam calls everyday and they are easy to swipe away, but these calls are quite important. If you were at a large gathering last week you may be getting a call next week or later next week as it usually takes about 5 days for the virus to hit someone. The health departments won't be texting anyone as they want to talk to people that may have had contact with the virus so they can do more tracing and alert more people.

Let's clear those voicemails. Avoid large gatherings. And wear your mask. Then you won't have to worry about getting uncomfortable calls from the health department. More about it here. 

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