A 34-year-old Roscommon County mother is facing some ugly charges after she apparently threw her kids out of the house so she could have a party.

How do we know the kids were actually kicked out of the house?

According to MLive, a 14-year-old boy had called 911 and said he was assaulted by his mother. Troopers arrived at the house to find the teen on their front porch. The teenager said his mother, Amber M. Maldonado, had kicked him and his sister out of the house for the night so she could throw a party. Being the awesome mother (heavy sarcasm) that she is, she didn't provide a place for them to go.

Maldonado's daughter called her mother at some point and asked if they could come home. They made it home but got into some kind of altercation with their mother who slapped them around a bit.

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What does mom have to say about all of this?

While appearing intoxicated, she admitted to throwing the party and that she got into an argument with her kids when they came home early. There wasn't much else she could say because she was arrested and now faces child abuse charges.

Are the kids okay?

One of the kids were treated by EMS for minor injuries and both are now with their biological father. I have a feeling that's where they'll be for a while.

When and where did this happen?

About 3:40 a.m. on Sunday, April 18, Michigan State Police responded to a residence on Polaris Street in Richfield Township.

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