Warning: This article is half sarcasm. See if you can figure out where it is :)

There are some DANGEROUS critters in Michigan. Some are open and obvious while some lurk and creep in the shadows.

The guy wearing a shirt, drinking a beer, while swimming narrowly missed this list. What is the deal with me wearing shirts in the water? Grown ass men.

Dangerous Critters

Brown Recluse Spiders are truly nasty little bastards. When you get bit, you KNOW it. It's like a sting and swells up like one too. The infection spreads quickly. I needed steroids and antibiotics when I got stung. The doctor circled the infection with a sharpie, then you see how fast the infection is spreading.

The Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake. A bite from them can potentially be life threatening but they are shy and like to keep to themselves. The perfect social distancing snake.

The Northern Black Widow Spider. The fatality rate is very low and mostly involved children, like that makes it better.

The Michigan's wildlife page shared and actual real story about this. Click here to check it out. 

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