I know that spiders serve an important purpose. They eat a lot of those peskier insects like mosquitoes. And, they also serve as food themselves for other animals. But just because the have their place in this ecosystem doesn't mean that I want them anywhere me or my house. And that's exactly the situation that this one local Lansing grandma found herself in.

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This local grandma, let's call her Mima, was watching her grand kids when all of this went down. Mima was headed into the youngest one's nursery when she turned on the light and was faced with this huge monstrosity. Nearly as quick as the light had come on, Mima said that spider took off and ran underneath the baby's changing table.

There was no way she was going to leave that thing under there...at least not alive. Mima, all by her lonesome, moved a dresser and a changing table to get to that beast, armed with only a baby wipe. A BABY WIPE! Despite the challenges, Mima was triumphant! She saved her grand daughter and the rest of the family from this spider.

Have you seen this kind of spider before? Do you know what it is?

What Kind of Spider is This?

A local grandma found this spider in her grand daughter's nursery. When she went to kill it, it skittered away lightening quick. But, she got it in the end. What kind of spider is this? Also, why the heck is it so big?!?

Dangerous or not, I definitely don't want to see a spider this huge skittering across the floors in my house. Little guys I leave alone, but something like this...that's gonna be a no from me, dog. I'm calling pest control services immediately. That is, if I don't burn the house down first.

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