It's just about that time of the year here in Michigan when you can almost guarantee a  visit by one of natures freakiest insect, the Spider. That's because Spiders like to move indoors once it starts to cool down outside. Spiders get a bad rap when it comes to how menacingly creepy they appear. Believe it or not they prefer to ignore humans and most only attack when threatened.

That said, they do appear pretty creepy with their long alternating leg work and hairy abdomens, add in the pincers and bulging eyes and you've got the makings of a real creepy look.

Michigan has its share of arachnid family that like to call our state home. With Halloween right around the corner we thought it be a good time to share with you our list of the creepiest spiders in Michigan

5) Wolf Spider: Unlike the average spider who spins a web to act as a trap for food, Wolf spiders go on the hunt much like a pack of wolves would. Hunting down its prey at night primarily the Wolf Spider will attack if threatened but primarily avoid humans. The Wolf Spider will enter a home through crawl spaces, basements and breezeways but the spiders occur in very low numbers as you're only likely to encounter one or two at a time in your home.

4) Black Widow: With venom 12 -15 times more severe than that of a Rattlesnake, it's best to avoid these Spiders completely. Easily identified by the red hourglass shaped emblem on their bodies, watch for them in deep dark corners of old buildings and caves. The name comes from the fact that the females like to kill the males after mating.

3) The Brown Recluse: Although primarily found in the southern region of our country the Brown Recluse has been spotted as far north as Michigan. A bite from this freak will be painful as the venom begins to immediately cause the skin cells around the bite area to die. One should seek medical attention immediately.

2) Fishing Spiders: They are similar in nature to Wolf Spiders with the exception of as you would guess by their name, that they like to hang out near bodies of water skimming over the surface of the water in pursuit of the bevy of insects who also hang out near the water.

1) Jumping Spider: As you would guess, nothing freaks someone out more than a Spider that can leap great distances. They are ghoulish in nature with larger front eyes and smaller back eyes and very hairy legs. They love to bounce on their prey after a good leap. Spotting one is rare in that by the time you've spotted it, it may have leaped into your hair. Just kidding...just because you can't see it anymore doesn't mean it didn't leap on you...or did it?

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