As someone who is irrationally terrified of moths, I can't even begin to understand why stories of the creepy, cryptid creature, the Mothman is just so dang fascinating.

Now, I have fallen deep into the rabbit hole and I am taking you all down with me (insert evil laugh here).

This should be fun...right?

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The Mothman: A Point Pleasant, West Virginia Legend

The Mothman, according to Ultimate Unexplained, is a creature often described by those who have encountered him as "a 'bat-like humanoid.'" Basically, he has a body as big as a man, wings like a moth, big, red eyes, and giant wings that look like that of a bat.

Sightings of him started, according to "All That's Interesting", in November of 1966 by a group of gravediggers. Three days later, the Mothman was spotted again by two couples driving home from a double date.

Their individual accounts detail the massive creature with a 10-foot wingspan chased their car and followed them "at incredible speeds" only for them to lose him once they got to the outskirts of town.

From there, Ultimate Unexplained says the Mothman sightings went on until the Silver Bridge Collapse on December 15, 1967. The Mothman was believed to be in connection to the deadly event and from there he was rarely seen again in Point Pleasant...until sightings began in the Chicago area and around the Midwest.

The Lake Michigan Mothman

So what does this mean? Is there more than one Mothman? Is it the same one?

Well, The Singular Fortean Society has compiled a list of all the "sightings" people have reportedly believed are the Mothman dating back to 1957 all the way to May of 2021.

Here's a look at all of the Mothman sightings around the Great Lakes since the beginning of 2020 alone.

Lake Michigan Mothman Sightings 2020 to June 2021

The legendary Mothman is most famously known for his romp around Point Pleasant, West Virginia has also been reportedly spotted in the Great Lakes region as well. These photos are not from actual sightings and are mere illustrations to help you get the idea!

Mothman Legend Lives On

While the sightings so far haven't happening in Michigan...that may just mean we haven't encountered him YET.

Until then, we have the perfect conditions for him as it seems he likes rural areas as well as bigger cities and we have both! Also he seems to like to stick around Lake Michigan. It is only a matter of time before he makes his way here!

Keep our eyes to the skies and try to play it cool (if you can) when you see him.

I'm just kidding...I'm terrified of moths, I wouldn't last a second around this thing.

However, I will wear my Mothman shirt I just ordered with pride and if you want share in the Lake Michigan Mothman mystery, CLICK HERE to check out a pretty neat shirt.

There are also theories that Mothman has something to do with UFO''s how many of those were reported in 2020

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