Mannequins in a store? Ok.

Mannequins at a dress shop, tuxedo shop, tailor, seamstress...yeah. I get it.

Anywhere else you stumble upon a mannequin, creepy.

Like the Geico commercial above. If you purchased a house and you find the attic is chock full of mannequins, that's odd and pretty freakin' creepy.

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If they would have lead with that, you'd be less inclined to purchase the property right?

Let's imagine you are in the market for a place here in Michigan and you stumble upon a duplex. Pretty pricey. About $650,000. So you know it's gotta be in a decent enough area or so right? They stage the house for you and the outside looks like this.

Credit: Jesse Yohnka - Deb Howard & Co via Zillow

The downstairs is a little messy and looks like this?

Credit: Jesse Yohnka - Deb Howard & Co via Zillow

But you head upstairs and you run into this?

Credit: Jesse Yohnka - Deb Howard & Co via Zillow

What in the serial killer hell is going on?

I'm thinking as a Michigander, I'm out as soon as I walk into the room.

However this pricey little duplex is not for sale here but in Lake Tahoe, California. Maybe the $650K price tag is warranted. I mean the description states:

Centrally located and close to casinos, beaches, shopping, skiing and the only cinema in town. There is a spacious 3 bedroom 2 bathroom unit upstairs and a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom unit with a 1 car garage downstairs. Large driveway that can accommodate numerous cars. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity! Property to be sold as-is''. (Zillow)

Again fixer upper and for the price, they are selling it AS IS and for you to turn it around and use it as a rental property.

But IS THIS going to make you want to buy this any faster?

Credit: Jesse Yohnka - Deb Howard & Co via Zillow

Why is there a Michelle Pfeiffer mannequin guarding the kitchen and the refrigerator?

Messy downstairs and mannequins upstairs?

No ma'am.

You can peep the whole messy mannequin mansion below.

And I don't care if it's in California or Michigan, I don't want NONE OF THIS.

And mind you they are selling this AS IS.

Gurl bye. Take you and your mannequins with you.

Fix it Jesus.

Messy Mannequin Mansion in Lake Tahoe California

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