Oh man, it is officially stink bug season here in Michigan. After the cold weekend last week, the bugs got wise to the cold winter approaching and are making a dash for the warm indoors.

I was putting some summer things away in my shed and I am not joking, I killed at least 50 of them. Fun fact about the Michigan Stink Bug: They are really squishy and stinky. Killing one of them is like popping a huge zit. I killed one above my head and the zit popped right on my face. I only wish my wife could have seen it. It was like Fear Factor. Gross as hell. What is the smell compared to? Rotting meat.

They are officially called the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug.

Michigan Stink Bug

These guys like to fly and they really like the warm. They are trying to make their way into your home to hunker down for the winter... maybe start a family. Seriously, they just come into your house for the warm. They aren't looking for love. Just warm.

So, what can you do? Make sure you have good weather stripping, caulk and tape. Get a special vacuum for sucking them up because they WILL stink up your good vacuum. Also, experts suggest putting them in a bucket and drowning them with soapy water. They'll stop moving... Eventually, with the littlest stink possible.


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