Why do people think it's okay to behave like animals on air planes? Do they just think the rules we have on the ground just suddenly go up in the air when we do?

You've got people getting kicked off flights left and right for not wearing masks, you've got your "Karens" who are just out to complain about, well, anything, you've got your folks who for some reason think their bare feet can just go anywhere and now, we guess you have to worry about being urinated on by a man of God!?

According to MLive, that's what happened to a Michigan woman on a flight back to Detroit from Las Vegas.

Apparently, as MLive cites a report from WJBK-TV, FOX2 News, while many people were asleep on the plane she felt something warm on her side only to jump up and see this man's privates just out and about. She screamed, waking the fellow plane passengers up.

"By that time I actually looked at him and I see him shake himself off and I’m like this man just peed on me!" she said. "I looked and there was a puddle of pee in the seats!”

Lucky for her, an off-duty police officer was on the plane and performed a citizen's arrest until he could be in police (or FBI) custody.

Turns out, the pastor is apparently pretty a pretty well-known guy from North Carolina and as MLive cites the report from FOX 2, the incident may have been an adverse reaction to a sleep-aid he took.

We guess sleeping pills and holy water don't mix...

In all seriousness, we do feel horrible for this woman. She says the incident has intensified her anxiety and she has hardly slept since it happened.

With everything you have to worry about when it comes to flying, staying home sure sounds pretty nice. Here is a way to tour the world without having to get on a plane with potential peeing pastors:

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