Instead of scrolling through social media like Facebook or Instagram, you can usually find me scrolling through Zillow.  And I'm always on the hunt for interesting real estate listings. Like this restored Queen Anne Victorian home for sale in Holland, Michigan.

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Typically, I keep my search to Michigan, but that doesn't mean I don't take a peek at some other Midwestern listings. Like today's interesting find: a former church for sale in Irving, Illinois.

Unique Zillow Listings

I found this unique, soon-to-be residence while doing my usual Zillow scrolling. I think what makes this extremely interesting is that you don't find many churches for sale, particularly with the intention, or at least the possibility, of it becoming someone's residence.

Lori A Weiss & Kim S Noyes Montgomery County Realty, Inc.
Lori A Weiss & Kim S Noyes Montgomery County Realty, Inc.

Let me preface this with you get what you're paying for with this place because it's being sold as-is. That being said, you have the chance to own this church and turn it into a home for as little as $15,000. Granted, that's the starting price for the auction that's being held. And, you'd need a bit of money to do some remodeling and fixing up of the place. But there are some really cool selling points too.

Take into consideration the historical significance of this space, as it was built back in 1859. Or how about the fact that it still features all the "original stained glass, woodwork, pocket doors, etc." The sale also comes with all the pews, the organ, and many other things inside the building. Just not the coffee pots or the mini-fridge.

Whether you're seriously interested in turning this former church into a home, or you just want to look through this interesting real estate listing, take a look through the photos below.

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