Stay home, Michigan, you're drunk. Michiganders (DRINK!) have been drunk for almost 4 days total since stay at home, the national average almost doubles that.

No doubt this COVID-19 pandemic is stressful. How do we cope with anxiety in the good old U S of A? Alcohol. American Addiction Centers surveyed 3,000 American adults of drinking age and found that the average adult spent 172 hours drunk during lockdown; that's 15.6 hours per week, more than 2 hours a day over the 11 week period taken into consideration. Michigan's average is at 8.4 hours.

There's got to be literally nothing else to do as South Dakotans are #1 by a long shot (make it a double) at a dizzying 468 hours. New Mexico, the land of Enchantment was also in the four hundreds at 444 with New Jersey bellied up to the bar in the third spot with 375 hours of inebriation on average each week. You can easily see that Michigan is far below that, but how do we compare to our Midwest neighbors?

How Many Hours Each State Spent Drunk in Lockdown:

  • Minnesota 273
  • Illinois 191
  • Wisconsin 185
  • Ohio 176
  • Indiana 102
  • Michigan 93

If we want to keep our designation as a craft beer capital, it's time to stop being the designated driver and drink up, Michigan.

On the other hand, if you think you may have a problem and need help, American Addiction Centers has resources, or visit Alcoholics Anonymous online at to find a meeting near you.

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