Calling all fancy AF chefs, Mountain Dew is releasing a cookbook.

If you thought you were going to have to serve the same old boring salad dish at Thanksgiving dinner - think again. You can make your family say 'WTF?' this holiday season by preparing something from the upcoming Mountain Dew cookbook called 'The Big Bold Book of MTN DEW Recipes'. 

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According to Delish, the cook book officially launches next week. When it does, you can order your copy here for $30 dollars. You may be wondering what kinds of recipes are in the book? I was curious as well. I think it is a given that every dish will call for Mountain Dew as part of the ingredients (duh). Between food and drinks, there are 40 recipes total. I have listed a few of them for you below,

  • Mountain Dew Pancakes
  • Mountain Dew Jalapeno Poppers
  • Mountain Dew Pork Chops
  • Mountain Dew Green Salsa
  • Mountain Dew Moscow Mule

From all accounts you can 'Do the Dew' - anytime of the day. They have meals broke down into sections, including one for desserts. You can really turn up the kids table this holiday season - Mountain Dew Cupcakes for all!

I am not much in the kitchen, but I will be ordering one of these books. My boyfriend Nick absolutely loves Mountain Dew. Who knows, he may even like my spaghetti if I just add a little Mountain Dew?

Who am I kidding, you know I just want to learn how to make a Mountain Dew Moscow Mule. Treat yourself too, just DEW it.

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