Let me think about this.  What could go wrong with making an alcoholic drink that tastes like Mountain Dew?  Right off the top of my head, I am thinking quite a few hyped-up drunk people.

No offensive Mountain Dew lovers.

In a press release both PepsiCo, makers of Mountain Dew and Boston Beer, makers of Sam Adams beer are teaming up together to create an alcoholic version of Mountain Dew, called HARD MT DEW.  According to the companies they are looking at producing three flavors.  Those flavors would be the original Mountain Dew, black cherry and watermelon. 

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They all sound delicious, don’t they?

PepsiCo Beverages North America CEO Kirk Tanner stated:

For 80 years MTN DEW has challenged the status quo, bringing bold flavors and unmatched beverage innovation to millions of fans…The Boston Beer Company partnership combines two recognized leaders in our respective industries to address the changing tastes of drinkers and we are thrilled at the opportunity to create HARD MTN DEW that maintains the bold, citrus flavor fans know and expect."

The Boston Beer CEO, Dave Burwick stated:

"We know that adult drinkers' tastes are evolving, and they are looking for new and exciting flavorful beverages. The combination of our experience in brewing and developing the best-tasting hard seltzers and hard teas, and MTN DEW, a one of kind multi-billion dollar brand, will deliver the excitement and refreshment that drinkers know and love”

It has been my experience that people who like Mountain Dew really like or some might say love Mountain Dew.  Can you imagine an alcoholic drink with the delicious original Mountain Dew flavor then add the black cherry and watermelon flavors?  

Shut the car doors, hide the keys and do not let them drive.

As a side note, the Great Lakes Coca-Cola Bottling plant is closing its Detroit facility by the end of the year.  They state it is to consolidate its operations with its Grand Rapids site.  Unfortunately, that means approximately 131 employees are expected to lose their jobs.

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