Back on July 9th, the twitter account posted about Mtn Dew giving the U.P. to Wisconsin on their marketing materials for their #DewNited Promotion of collecting bottles featuring all 50 states.

Then in almost record time (for a global brand) @MountainDew responded with:

Hey, Upper Peninsula: we hear you, and we’re sorry for misplacing you on our map. Give us a chance to right our wrong. Help us fill this special edition label by telling us all of the things you love about the Upper Peninsula (note to self: located in MICHIGAN)

That was almost a month ago, and there's not been really too much to say more about it, other than they fixed the original map where they gave the U.P. away, but that's not truly fixing their wrong. I mean, it is in the most technical sense, but not a way to build brand loyalty.

Well most of us are kind of jaded, and just figured once again someone got their social media attention and said they'd make it right, but that's where it will end.  That is until today when tweeted out:

Some exciting news to share. The folks at reached out and this thing is happening. Stay tuned!

There's not much more to elaborate on other than it looks like SOON we'll finally see a special U.P. label, which I'm not surprised after seeing everyone picked up on the original Faux Pas, including NPR, Fox News, and the NY Post.

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