It is the latest in defense against wearing a mask in public.

A while back we told you about fake face mask exemption cards.

And now, well it seems we've arrived at round two.

It is available on The Healthy American website. It's called the Religious Exemption Information Card. And here's what it's supposed to do.

This card is for informational and educational purposes to inform others that your religious liberty is protected by federal and state law. While we hope and pray this card will smooth your way, unfortunately we cannot state that it will guarantee your entry into any business establishment. (The Healthy American)

Note the card itself says it's for information and educational purposes and it cannot guarantee your entry into any business.

It's going to cost you about $12. It does come with a plastic sleeve and neck lanyard.

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Even though it invokes the Civil Rights Act, it might not be enough to let you slide on the mask issue and make a business let you shop there.

“The government can’t discriminate against you on the basis of your religion, but it doesn’t appear to be discriminating against you here by telling you to wear a mask,” Feldman told USA TODAY. “Contrary to what this card is saying, federal law cannot get you an exemption from a neutral, generally applicable state law." (USA Today)


“Title II protects against discrimination on the basis of religion (and other protected traits) in public accommodations. But requiring all customers to wear a mask is not discriminatory — it’s neutral," Tebbe wrote in an email to USA TODAY. "So I’d say this claim is bogus."(USA Today)


"Mask mandates, if justified by public health concerns and applied in a non-discriminatory manner, do not violate religious liberty. Period. It's not a close question," wrote Neuborne. (USA Today)


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