Do we HAVE to wear masks? Yes. According to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services at least through October 30th. They issued a new order restricting public gatherings, require face coverings  and limit some businesses in the state. They are using legal speak that wasn't covered by the Supreme Court decision. Click here to see the full story.

I am sure someone who has money and wants a fight will take this all the way to the supreme court but... It probably won't be before October 30th.

I was in the Home Depot yesterday and heard someone say "we don't have to wear masks anymore!" Like the pandemic is over and the threat to lives has subsided.

It was the first I heard of the Michigan Supreme Court Ruling. I went home and looked up how the lives of innocent Michiganders would once again be in jeopardy because of ignorance.

The mask debate is very stale and one sided. I know a lot of people without medical degrees have suddenly become medical experts but people on BOTH sides are wearing masks. Not because we HAVE to. It's because we would like to do the ONE thing we can to prevent the spread of the virus. I will be wearing a mask LONG after a vaccine is available. Why? Because the mask has protected me so far. Because I can constantly mumble under my breath what I really think and no one hears! I am constantly making faces under my mask.

Life is way to short to be fighting about masks. The rest of the world is masked up still. The threat will not go away just because we have pandemic fatigue.

Michigan needs to toughen up, come together and stop being so selfish.

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