You see and hear it all the time this time of year, "Keep Christ in Christmas" but maybe first you should start with leaving him in local Nativity scenes.

Recently, some local heathens thought it would be funny to steal poor sweet, baby Jesus and Mother Mary from an East Lansing homeowner's nativity scene and we just want to talk...

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Handmade Jesus and Mary Stolen From Mid-Michigan Nativity Scene

It truly is a shame, as WILX News 10 pointed out, that people have to worry about "porch pirates" swiping their packages this time of the year, but to steal the reason for the whole season itself is a whole other level of shameful.

What makes it even worse is homeowner, Dean Aronson actually handmade, cut, painted and put together the whole scene. Adding different pieces over the past 15 years, WILX reports, the Aronsons' Nativity scene and other decorations had become "a staple for the neighborhood."

Now, Aronson did tell WILX a police report was filed, though he just wants Jesus and Mary brought back and nobody has to get in trouble here. Just let the spirit of the holiday season take over, do something kind, return the essential pieces of this family's important Nativity scene, and all is forgiven.


What's The Deal With Stealing Baby Jesus From Nativity Scenes?

While trying to find more information and coverage of this East Lansing Nativity-napping, I found a seemingly never-ending plethora of other cities and towns that have had Baby Jesus snatched from their scenes.

It happened about 10 years ago on Michigan's East side and that story ended with the triumphant return of little Lord Jesus back to the manger, though it was not the original, stolen one:

CLICK HERE for more stories of heathens stealing baby Jesus from around the Midwest.

Only one question remains: WHY IS THIS A "THING"!?

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