If you are looking for a change of scenery or just a new place to live for a bit you can live in one of Michigan's most beautiful lighthouses. According to MLive, Michigan DNR is taking applications now for their volunteer light-keeper program at Tawas Point Lighthouse. The Tawas Point Lighthouse has one of the best views and is also a big tourist attraction at Tawas Point State Park.

Just a few notes, it isn't and it will cost you $75 per person if you are chosen. But if you are chosen you will get to live in the 1876-built lighthouse’s upper-story apartment for two weeks. During the time you are living there you will be able to have great views the Lake and also help lead public tours of the historic structure and its museum. You will have mornings to go explore the park and do whatever you want but you will have to work most afternoons and also be working six days a week. Also you will also have to do some tidying up (sweeping, dusting) and basically doing everything a light keeper would have to do.

I know it sounds like a lot of work but if you have the time or know of someone that has time and would love to live in a state park this is a great thing to apply for. You can check out the application here. 

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