A new opportunity for employment is opening up for 100 thousand people in the United States and Canada. 3,600 of those jobs are soon to be available in Michigan. Online retailer GIANT Amazon is expanding and already providing over 13 thousand jobs to Michiganders. Full and part time positions are available in the warehouse and delivery stations. Laid off? Furloughed? They want you. I heard it can be a tough gig.

During the pandemic, I found my Amazon groove when I had no other options. I got to know some of the delivery people by name. There are some really nice people working there... Then...

One fella was driving an unmarked van... down the middle of the road. He pulled in my driveway blocking it entirely, oblivious to the world around him. I had to drive in my yard to get around him. He was bumping his tunes pretty loud, walked up without a mask and rudely handed me my package, grunting. What I am saying here is, their standards seem pretty low just by this one incident. I was assuming this driver already wrecked his Amazon van and this was the loaner.

For the most part my wife and I have had pleasant interactions. I always get Prime envy when I see an Amazon van pull in a driveway.

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