Not many places are hiring so when a place is actually hiring it is good news and Sparrow is looking for help now. Coronavirus is still around and even though there are less cases there is still a need for help fighting it off as well as there is a need for people to help out in other areas.

According to WILX, the jobs are going to be part and full time and aren't in just one area. Some of the openings are in: environmental services, food and nutrition, pharmacy clerks and technicians, phlebotomist and security personnel. There may be more openings coming in the future so if you are looking for a job you may be able to find one quickly.

If you want to apply for it make sure you are healthy to work and you can see the job openings here, plus you can email or call 517-364-5858.

Hopefully there will be more job openings coming soon as a lot of restaurants, salons, and other businesses are opening and I'll give more updates on them when I see them.

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