There is a big winter storm heading our way, but it won't bring snow as much as it will bring cold to our area. We have had a few snow events already during the winter, but this one that is headed our way is going to be changing our weather for the rest of the fall and kick off the winter.

According to MLive, they are calling for 4 - 8 inches of snow for northern Lower Michigan and the Upper Peninsula and 1 - 2 inches of snow for southern Lower Michigan. But they are calling for less of an inch the farther south you go, so Lansing might be right on the line of getting any snow this week. Another reason for not much snow in our area is that temperatures in our area are about freezing, so it makes it tough for snow to stick, which is another good thing for us.

Now even though we are not going to get much snow, we will be feeling the affects as the temperature will drop Monday night into Tuesday. Monday's high was right around 50 and the high for Tuesday will be the high or mid-20s, so be ready for that change.

You can see the full forecast here.

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