It's hard to be motivated and more of a go-getter in the winter.

Be it the lack of sunshine, the crippling seasonal depression or just not wanting to venture out in the cold, I have been taking mental notes of the things I put off doing in the winter that I normally would just do if it were any other season.

I should preface this by saying I absolutely love winter but if it were scientifically possible to have there be snow on a 60-degree day, that would be ideal, I'm a naturally cold person to begin with.

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Yesterday, I finally got windshield washer fluid even though my light for it has been on for three days. I knew I needed it but knowing I would have to get out of my car after it's already warmed up and walking in to a gas station just to buy that made me shiver just thinking about it.

It's an absolutely silly thing to put off for so long that I was literally tailgating people just hoping they would spray up enough moisture for me to clean my windshield...I'm an adult with a job.

Speaking of a job, a coworker just told me today they noticed one of my tires was low and my first thought was "I wonder if it's still aired up enough for me to get home and have someone else do it."

It's not that I'm lazy, think of it more as "winter procrastination" or "coldcrastination" if you will.

However, it got me thinking about all the other silly things I put off like that and I'm sure I am not the only one.

Other things include:

6 Things We Procrastinate In Winter

The cold sure does take away all motivation to do simple, little tasks.

Do you do any of these things? Or are you a "pro" when it comes to Michigan winters?

Some things you can just look at someone and automatically know they procrastinated. Here are some other things you are most likely going to see during winter in the Mitten:

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