Do you ever feel like God hates us? Wants to see us suffer all the time?

The weather has at least been nice lately right? It's Michigan and things change quickly.

This weekend will be cold... HOW COLD? Cold enough for snow showers to be possible. Plus, the weather peeps are calling for areas of frost tomorrow night and widespread frost Saturday night into Sunday morning. A bummer for those people who already have plants outside. Now, we won't have snow on the ground but it's just enough to ruin everyone's weekend and add to the crappiest year ever.

It'll still be in the 50's on Sunday and snow in Michigan in May is not unheard of but it is certainly not welcome. If you are planning on doing some essential travel Sunday morning, it's a good thing to keep in mind.

If the bad weather isn't enough to scare you...there are MURDER HORNETS now. Click here to see em! 

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